Day Two!

So life has been somewhat uneventful in our house. Robyn had dance last night and I think we decided to try to raise money for a competition at Disney in April. I have decided to start Project Life. If you haven’t heard about Project Life, go here to read up on what it is. Basically it is a much easier way to document/scrapbook. Heaven knows I don’t have the time I used to to scrapbook. I did get 2010’s book basically finished and 2011 half way finished with Heritage Makers. Here are some of my pages from 2010.

Sorry about the photos. I probably should have taken everything out of the protectors, but I didn’t. Anyway! I have also made a few books through Heritage Makers. I will hopefully share a link to Sammie’s birth book when I figure out how to do it!  LOL  I will also be sharing how Project Life is going. I just ordered it today, so I’m waiting with baited breath!!

Remember: Life is a Journey, not a Destination.  Enjoy the Journey!!!


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